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Mainstream Class

Below is the list of calls taught to date. The greater square dance community has produced several excellent resources to assist new dancers as an adjunct to your live lessons. This page provides access to two of the most useful for review and/or in case you have missed a lesson.

A Tucson dance club, the Saddlebrooke Squares, has created a series of videos that demonstrate the proper execution of each call. The above link is to their lesson index. Note that each instructor has a preferred order of presenting the various calls, so their lessons and ours will not perfectly correspond. Nevertheless, all you have to do is search the index to find the call you're interested in, play that particular video and watch for the segment that demonstrates the call. These views are from floor level - just as if you were watching a live square.

Some students have benefited from viewing a call's movement from above. The Tam Twirlers Square Dance Club in San Rafael, California has produced a schematic animation (TAMination) of every call. Clicking on the call will link to the corresponding TAMination page.

Class dates and lessons taught:                                 Karen and Barbara

9/17 and 9/24                                                          12/10 and 12/17
Allemande Left                                                           Allemande Left                                       
Alamo Style Wave                                                       Circle Left/Right                                                                                                        
Back Track                                                                 Courtesy Turn
Circle Left/Right                                                        Designate Heads and Sides
Courtesy Turn                                                           Do Sa Do
Designate Heads and Sides                                        Forward and Back
Do Sa Do                                                                   Pass Thru 
Forward and Back                                                      Promenade
Pass Thru                                                                  Right & Left Grand
Promenade                                                                Right & Left Thru
Right & Left Grand                                                     Star Left/Right
Right & Left Thru                                                       Swing thru
Single File Promenade                                                Weave the Ring
Star Left/Right                                                           Grand Square
Swing thru                                                                 Square Thru
Weave the Ring                                                          Circulate

10/1                                                                           12/24 and 12/31
Grand Square                                                              No Class
Square Thru

10/8                                                                            1/7/20 - Review of above
Circulates                                                                    Circulates (Column, Box, 
Hinge                                                                              Split circulates (Ends, Centers)
Partner Trade                                                               Hinge
U Turn Back                                                                 Partner Trade
                                                                                    U Turn Back
Circulates (Column, Box, Split
Circulates (Ends, Centers)
Spin the Top


Spin Chain Thru
Split the Outside Couple

11/5 - No Class

8 Chain Thru
Bend the Line
Promenade 1/2
Run ( Boys, Girls, Centers , Ends)
Swing, Promenade
Trade By

All Around Your Left Hand Lady
Ferris Wheel
Scoot Back
See Saw
Touch a Quarter
Wheel and Deal  (Line of 4)
Wheel and Deal (Two faced line)

California Twirl   
Cast Off 3/4 
Centers In
Double Pass Thru
Star Thru
Swing Thru


Allemande Thar
Shoot the Star
Slip the Clutch

Flutter Wheel
Reverse Flutter Wheel
Slide Thru
Sweep a Quarter
Walk & Dodge

12/24 and 12/31 - No Class

1/7/2020 - Review
Half Sashay

Circulate, Column
Dive Thru
Ladies Chain
Ladies In, Men Sashay
Pass the Ocean
Wheel Around

1/21 - Review for student dance

Chain Down the Line
Couples Trade
Lead Right
Ocean Wave
Roll Away with a Half Sashay
Trades, (Boys, Girls, Ends, Centers)
Turn Thru
Veer Left/Right
Wave Balance

Tidal Wave

2/11 - No Lesson

Half Tag the Line
Scoot Back
Tag the Line
Walk and Dodge

2/25 - 
Spin Chain Thru
Spin the Top

3/3 - Review

Turn Thru

3/17 - School Closed
3/24 - School CLosed
3/31 - School Closed